Firewood Facts

Burning wood

Wet wood, also known as green wood (wood that is recently cut & unseasoned) & highly resinous wood should not be burnt because of the wood tars that will form on your chimney, causing serious damage, and the possibility of chimney fire.

All wood contains combustible gases given off at the start of log burning. To ensure your wood burns cleanly and efficiently, all wood should be allowed to burn freely with a free flow of air supplied from above the wood. Once the wood is burning freely, and has reached sufficient temperature, the volatiles will have started to be burnt away, keeping your chimney, fireplace, wood burner or other appliance clear of soot and tar.

Wood burns best on a bed of ash, so is recommended to be burnt on a solid base with air holes or slots, and not burnt directly on a grate which will allow the base of your fire to disappear. Cleaning ash pans is normally a weekly affair, and if you need to clean the burning chamber, then it is advisable to leave some ash as a base for your next fire

How should I store my logs?

Logs are best stored in a purpose built log store, allowing the logs to breath. All logs will have a moisture content, and stored in an area that has no airflow will cause them to sweat. If you store your logs outside with no protection you should try to store them for at least 24hrs in a dry place before burning.

Do you stack the logs?

We don’t offer this as a service, but if for any reason you are unable to move the logs yourself, or would like some help, please discuss this at the time you order your logs, we may be able to assist.

Can you deliver if I am not at home?

If we have delivered to you before, then in most cases this will be possible. We would always like to have someone present on our first delivery as we have to be sure you are happy with your logs & we like to meet our new customers.